A Little Bit Different

We're all weirdos: here's my own flavor of different and why

Aaron Kanter

9 minute read

General life strategy One undercurrent to all the following…let’s call them alternative elements of my life is that I do my research in so many aspects of my life. For some activities this can be detrimental: I had to fight back my urge to spend several minutes looking up restaurant reviews when the correct course of action was to wander NYC’s K-Town and pick any of the amazing restaurants. For so much of the rest of my life though I will spend a nearly limitless amount of time digging into what the best kind of oil is to use to reseason my cast iron pans (flaxseed, but make sure it’s 100% pure), what static-site generator I should use to build my blog (hugo), or what the current best pair of IEMs can be bought with ~$40-80 (which changes at no more slowly than every 6 months).

Aaron Kanter

3 minute read

Prelude: tmux For the rest of this post to make sense, you ought to have some understanding of tmux. tmux is a terminal multiplexer and session manager, meaning that if you disconnect from your machine you can reattach to your previous session and the state of your terminal tabs (managed within tmux) will be restored as if you had never left. It is a highly recommended tool for remote development. It is often considered a successor to screen.

Building a blog with Hugo

Thoughts and feelings about the blazing fast static site generator written in Go

Aaron Kanter

5 minute read

Not to get too meta, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my experience with Hugo in bringing up this blog. I generally followed the excellent quickstart documentation (which can also be very conveniently hosted locally). Overall, I like the tool but as can be expected it has some interesting features which I thought were worth pointing out. Shopping Around I did not do a tremendous amount of shopping around but I started with a few basic goals.