Giddyup: First Look at Pony Lang

Initial impressions of the Pony language

Aaron Kanter

7 minute read

A friend of mine jokingly brought up the Pony language in the context that he’s resigned himself to learn the language because his manager (also a mutual friend) is a staunch pony-phile (e.g., attended BABSCon, had a Rainbow Dash balloon floating above his desk at a previous job). At first I was intrigued: How many of the core designers are diehard bronies? Is this a legitimate language or just horsing around?

Password Management for the [Somewhat] Common Man

Thoughts about the seemingly only option for free, cross-platform password management

Aaron Kanter

8 minute read

123456, password, qwerty In the offchance you’ve been living under a rock lacking internet access for the past several years, passwords and account information are leaked on a frighteningly regular basis. Amazon forced some portion of its customers to reset their passwords around Black Friday 2015. Over 30 million Ashley Madison accounts’ details were leaked last summer including a plethora of personal details in addition to passwords. Back in 2013, more than 130 million Adobe user names, emails, encrypted (but unsalted) passwords, and clear-text password hints (do not ever use real password hints) were loosed upon the internet.